terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2016

Uns, alguns (unsalguns@gmail.com) !

I've been working with some other artists in a (virtual) colective !
The name of the colective is Uns, alguns and it defines us really well !
All of us (artists and designers) have different sites to present our works. This colective is focused in creating this unique email to give acess to all the attendants, giving the possibility to share ideas, advices, fans and clients, connecting them to the virtual world (and who knows, maybe the phisical one in the future) !
We don't have the necessity to show ourselves, but we all have the need to present our work !
Its not about egos, its about sharing what is true to us !

(Some of us are still working on the "page" to show our works, but i will let you the three sites that are already on the run) !

(I will post a brief story about Manuel dos Santos tomorrow)

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