quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2016

Manuel dos Santos !

This story could have a few pages, believe me, but  will keep things simple !
I met Manuel dos Santos at the cafe that i used to work. I think that he is in is 60's, he is a small man and carries always the same yellow pullover and the same blueish old jacket. He eats really slowly and he is really quiet. He use to come there once a month, and the first couple of times it was hard to steal him a word. He is really shy and observative. So when he become more loose he asked me what i use to do beside the bartender job and i told him that i was studing Visual Arts. He told me that he used to paint but because of some bad critics that he had from the people from is hometown and friends he stop to paint, and burned everything that he made after a while. He told me that he used to paint boats and fishermans.  He ask me if i could show him my work but the only thing that i had was the pictures that i use to put on facebook. He saw them for a long time and didn't sayed nothing about it. It was weird, believe me.
A month later  he came to me and ask is habitual bread with butter and a green tea, but i saw that he want to say something. After he finished eating he told me: I wanted to ask you this when you showed me your pictures last motnh but i didn't had the courage to do it, but i've been thinking about restarting  painting for a long time now and your pictures are perfect for me to paint, so... do you mind if i paint them? It was weird because i didn't saw anything and didn't know him really well but i said: Of course, go ahead. So i printed him a couple of images and gave him some acrylics and some papers that i had at home . Unfortunatelly, i twisted my knee after that and i was force to quit my job so i never saw him again. Until a month ago. He called me and said that he was trying to find me becuse he want to show me the paintings that he made. I was not expecting what he sowed me. Most of it because i was expecting something else, i dont know what, but not what i saw. The paintings are really small, really candid, really good, and really simple. I told him that i would like to share is work on the web and try to expose it and who knows, even sell it. He was confused but he said yes in the end. I will start to present is work on this tumblr, so here it is,
Go check is work, share it, buy it !

(I'm still puting some of those photos here: https://www.instagram.com/flatstain/)
If you want to ask anything contact us via email: unsalguns@gmail.com

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