segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2015

Bike bike bike !

     This lady is finally done !
I wake up one hour and a half before i go to work for almost a month to finish this bike !
I saw a lot of tutorial in the internet and i spent 33,65 euros over all !
Now its ready to ride !

2 comentários:

  1. Nice! I have one quite similar to yours from my father, bought, in 1986/87. If you have a 5 speed cassette in the rear wheel, it could have, more or less, the same age. Even that "cielo" blue color of the frame, was the original color before i restore it in 2001. But it was my sport bike, during 7 years. I made thousands of kilometers with almost every original components until 2006, when i got bourgeois and bought a "pseudo-pro" road bike. But i still have it.

  2. I found this one in my grandmother attic, i think its was from one of my uncels. Its a sm jaguar but i dont find a lot os stuffs about it in the net. It was a 10 speed but i put it to five. I broke two pieces in the first ride that i take with it but i fix everything today. I hope to make some big rides with it. one day i will like to see yours, even the pseudo pro one :D