sábado, 6 de junho de 2015

"Nem os cães querem vida de cão" !

"Nem os cães querem vida the cão" !
This is a zine/book of photos that i take, for a year, in a shelter that i volunteer in !
I didn't write anything in this zine/book because i don't want to make the mistake to explain a feeling, that me, as and individual, have in this place !
This is a 56 pages in a 120g recycled paper, semi hard cover, 14x20 cm (closed), hand made stitched book !
I'm selling them for 4 euros,  100% of the money goes for this shelter (Amigos dos animais do concelho de Mira ) !
If you want one, tell me something ( kevinbriga@hotmail.com ) !

If you want to help them more... NIB : 0045 3440 4025069218288 !

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