domingo, 31 de maio de 2015

CLN 19 !

Well, and that was Caldas Late night 19 !
We had a table with vegan food, some drinks and fanzines, good music and a four rooms with  three artists and one designer exhibitions !
I presented the Caldas ( I to VIII ) serie with a light instalation on the oposite wall of the paintings, in the lights i wrote " There is a fog, it is certain! The density of that fog does not depend of the quality of your optical system but the direction to where and how your eyes point !"
Made a game with those lights and the paintings so when you read the quote with the lights on in the end you had a weird feeling like a fog in your eyes !

3 comentários:

  1. vais participar no 69 happy cocks em coimbra?

    1. Olá marco, não soube de nada... é pra quando?

  2. não tenho a certeza da data de inauguração. o anderson falou-me de inicio de julho.