sexta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2014

Maga, Caldas da Rainha !

Maga is one awesome space in the Silos of Caldas da Rainha !
Amazing space with a bunch of exhibitions !
I'm participating in one of them with three illustration of the serie "W.E.C.I.D.A.H.?" !
The exhibition will be open until the 30rd of November !

 ( For more information: )

4 comentários:

  1. congrats! i would like to see the exhibition in local, but it's impossible to go to Caldas until final of november.
    by the way, some months ago i was intended to tell you, but i confess i forgot it completely (too many things running on my head) but you should compile some of your work and apply it to "jovens criadores" contest.

    i think you already know it too.
    if you didn't compete this year, schedule it to 2015. some of your work, when seen together, has some personal creative potential.

  2. Hi Marco, i didnt knew about this contest, a couple of years ago i was thinking about applying to "aveiro jovens criadores" but i forgot !
    I will be aware and try to apply to the national one in 2015.
    I really need to organize all my works and understand which road i really want to follow, but i'm already working on that !
    Thanks for the information, btw i started to watch "dark city".

  3. are this works for sale? i would like to have the little ones

    1. Hi Marco, yes they are for sale, send me an email with your adress and in the end of the exhibition i will send them to you :)