domingo, 13 de outubro de 2013

Ideas and red !

Thinking about some stuffs !
One of them i think is good, the other is just to red to understand !

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  1. i think you have some interest on this:

  2. Thanks for sharing good stuffs! ( maybe you already know this but its good anyway : )
    I will maybe try to see the movie later, i dont know if it will be a good idea or not but i will try it.
    Like in art, it upset me when people try to define punkrock !

  3. thanx! i didn't knew this site and this works. i just went to barcelona once, and one of the main visual ideas that i brought from there, was the massive underground and street art (mainly on the old downtown. at that time i never saw and was completely awareness of this movement. barcelona isa great spot to visit.
    by the way a remember this: