segunda-feira, 13 de maio de 2013

"Time to Play !"

This is the paint that i finish friday, it was my first order ever !
Acrylic on canvas, maybe 80 x 100 cm and about 10 hours of painting !
I really enjoy doing this shit, i take a lot more time to finish it than a usual work, and the sucker told me to do whatever i want, and this was the best part !
Hope you like it assdude, and payme like a king!

(And don't forget, at midnight i start to do the 100 illustrtion in 10 day's, i will sell them for 1 euro each and the first person to send me an email (, or an sms (917143187), or a coment will sta with it !)

6 comentários:

  1. i want the first 10 of them.

  2. I read the coment before making the illustrations, and i was nervous like hell ! But i made them all and i really hope you like it! Next time maybe the best is to see the illustrations first, so you will not be "disappointed" with them! Thanks for the support (it means a lot!)

  3. i will keep the next 10 if there is no reservations to them.

  4. :) se gostar de alguma amanha fica com ela prefiro que as veja antes :)

  5. não te preocupes :) ficarei com as 10 que fizeres sejam elas quais for :)

  6. Obrigado pelo incentivo! ( Aserio :) )