terça-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2013

Snow and Ducati Tomati !

First day of snow in Bragança city ! Its gorgeous and fucking cold in here, so fucking cold i can't even open my car from the doors, i need to open the trunk and get in to open the doors! 
Ductai ducati... she had some tumors in her tits,  she already remove the left side of her tits, now she need to remove the rest, yesterday we went to the vet to remove the right side, he call us one hour later and say to us to come fast, we went to the vet and he shows us a mass in her body, the mass had the size of a soccer ball! We were so worried we didn't sleep all night! Today we go to the vet again to see it better and it was catfood, yes FUCKING CAT FOOD! she eat so much that here stomach dilated like a soccer ball! hopefully its not a tumor like we thought ! FUCKING MOTHER FUCKER CAT FOOD EATER!

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